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The Science & Religion of Sound Healing

Are you curious about the opportunities that sound healing might offer you? Have you wondered about how this “therapy” works? What health benefit it can provide to you?

It all starts with the understanding that we live in a Universe of Sound. Sound is defined as “vibrations that travel through air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s ear.” The science of quantum physics is revealing that everything is vibrating; in fact, the entire Universe is singing! This singing reaches us from sources near and far—sounds of nature, of machines, sounds from those around us and from within our own bodies. Everything from a black hole at the center of the galaxy to an electron within a cell on the end of your finger is vibrating and creating a sound!

Various indigenous cultures and ancient religions around the globe have sound as the basis for their Creation stories. Even the concept of the “Big Bang” vibrates with the energy of sound being the initial impulse of Creation. In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, this initial sound is the Primordial Om. It is the Mother tone that contains all of the sound frequencies of the Cosmos.

Scientific research has been able to imitate the creative frequencies of sound in some amazing ways. Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist is responsible for creating Cymatics In this study, you can actually watch geometric shapes being created by pulsing various tones and frequencies through silica/sand and liquid. The study further shows that the geometries would first form into an intricate design and then break down and reform into another, revealing the everchanging nature of Creation. Chaos then Order in cycles never ending. It is a reflection of how sound affects each of us and our world.

As a healing modality, sound and music therapy have been on the forefront of exploring the growing field of science that supports the overall benefit of these non-invasive modalities. From the early recordings of nature sounds to promote relaxation and sleep, the field has expanded to include binaural sound recordings, sound massage tables, tuning forks, crystal and metal singing bowls, and an array of acoustic and technical instruments to enhance meditation and healing. With so many options for a sound healing experience you, too can find one that you “resonate” with!

This is one in a series of articles on Sound Therapy, Music, and Sacred Geometry by Holly. Be sure to Click to Connect with us and stay tuned for the rest of the articles shortly!

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