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Spectacular Quantum Crystals Discovered

Chakras Therapy with Merkaba Crystal
Chakras Therapy with Merkaba Crystal

From the infinitely small world of Quantum Energy, all the way up to our Galaxies Structure, humankind continues to discover and unlock the patters which define our infinite reality.

Just as many of the Guides know Crystalline structures and energy fields accessible to us, many scientists are working on discovering the intricacies of much smaller designs and patterns.

Scientists at the Heidelberg University in Germany have just discovered what they had believed existed for some time, and it may unlock even more advanced technology (or a rediscovery from lost ancient knowledge)?

As these patterns came into focus after being photographed at the level of atoms, the researchers have described them as:

Spectacular geometric structures!

M. Holten

The fact that these subatomic structures can order themselves without any interactions with the outside world or other particles, is truly fascinating and exciting. When viewing these structures for the first time, it’s important to remember that they are on the same level as light photons, and the cameras to capture this level of detail haven’t even existed for very long. Think of them like the first photographs from the 1800’s.

Discover Magazine – First Observation of a Pauli Quantum Crystal

See the linked article for pictures of the discovery, and stay tuned to our Guides section, as we will be interviewing some amazing Crystal Healers in the coming weeks!

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