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Preparing the Way: 4/4/4 (2020) Solar Gateway Event

-Ascension Guide Article-

An Upcoming Guided Meditation & Sound Healing

Change. It is suddenly all around us. It permeates our every waking moment, every aspect of our lives, and it’s impossible to tune out.

When I left Charlottesville and my sound healing studio two months ago, I had no idea what my future would look like. I only knew that I was leaving behind everything familiar, and beginning a completely new journey, as if stepping through an unknown portal. Over the past months I have been challenged daily to refocus my energies, redefine what my new routine should be and ponder my future. My goals and the balance that used to come so easily in my familiar routine and surroundings seems distant and unfamiliar now.

My morning ritual used to begin with meditation, lighting a candle, burning incense upon the altar that I had created in my studio. This daily practice was a prayerful request for guidance on how best to create my day, where to devote my energy, what was in the greatest service to my community and tribe. A time of communication with and contemplation of the Divine.

Home Altar to the Divine
Home Altar to the Divine

That altar was deconstructed and packed away when I left town. I have not yet built a new one. (Above photo is my studio altar.)

When I began this journey there was no way of foreseeing that my changing states (of mind and location), daily routines and rituals, would so quickly become shared by so many. We are all now caught in the swirling energetic dynamic of change.

Change is a given in life, yet typically comes in smaller, fairly manageable bits. Change rarely comes in such a profound fashion, with the impact felt personally and globally. We are collectively and increasingly faced with critical decisions not necessarily of our choice, so the focus and the energy that we choose to put forth into the world right now is more important than ever before.

Defining our new shared reality is limited only by our ability to empathize with one another. Some may be feeling a sense of powerlessness and isolation. Yet, we can gain a greater understanding of the problems, and begin to imagine, dream, and co-create together our vision of a better Life for everyone and everything on Earth. We have the ability to transmute and transform the reality that we are currently “forced” to live in.
So where does our power, our ability, to manifest change reside?

In awareness, knowledge, understanding and truth. The Sacred sciences reveal their inherent wisdom in this time of need and seeking for the Truth.

Nautilus shell section, perfect Fibonacci pattern
Nautilus shell section, perfect Fibonacci pattern

Numerology is the ancient study of mathematics and its impact upon our shared existence. Just as Pi, or the Golden Ratio, reveals the geometry of how a sunflower grows, or a seashell develops, it also defines the cosmic order of the Universe and its impact upon our human evolution. It reveals to us a scientific understanding of the underlying framework of the Cosmos. And how the macrocosm and microcosm unite, at certain foreordained times, to bring about our conscious evolution. Our understanding of these evolutionary cycles through awareness, focus and knowledge of specific timeline events allows us to amplify the overall effectiveness. We are an integral part of the Whole. The microcosm within the Macrocosm.

Such an event is presenting to us now. It is coming in the form of a Solar Gateway on 04/04/2020. A Solar Gateway presents an opening, a portal through which the Christos Sophia energies of creation pour through our Sun (Solar Logos), seeding evolutionary Light Codes of Ascension into our planet, affecting everything and everyone. In this raising of the frequencies of our world into the higher dimensional energies of healing and wholeness, we are given an opportunity to attune ourselves to this vibration and thus align with the highest harmonics of this evolutionary cycle. (More on the Christos Sophia and Solar Logos in my next post.)

The numerology of this event speaks to the overall energies being “beamed” to us. The number 4 is assigned to Earth, it is a symbol of form, structure, shape and substance. Our Earth and all that exists here are related to the number 4. The number 20 is of Transcendence, of overcoming that which has hampered our spiritual freedom. The 2020 year in numerology reduces to 2+0+2+0=4. Hence, our coming Solar Gateway is a 4/4/4 empowerment. This harmonic Gateway is focused on creating our New Earth. And within this pivotal moment in our collective evolution, the power of our Solar Logos will assist us in creating this New Earth dynamic.

Astrologically, this event will coalesce under the auspicious energies of Constellation Leo, that begins a social and communicative time of magnetic attraction. (More on the astrological importance to follow in another next post.)

You can feel the energy building even now. It arises in our imagination. Our shared consciousness. Our Divine consciousness. But how to give Form (4) to our hopes, dreams and visions for the future that we now have the opportunity to assist in co-creating at this 4/4/4 Gateway?

One way is by creating an Altar for this event, placing upon it our highest vision and aspirations for ourselves and Earth.
Just as I used my altar to connect to Divine guidance, creating your personal altar at this time is a wonderful way to express what you wish to manifest or offer within this Creation matrix.
What an altar “is” will be defined by each of us, but what it shares without question is a sense of the Divine, the Transcendent, a representation of that which we find most holy and are most resonant with. It connects us to the Divine through our offerings, prayers, gratitude, and invocations.
All this can be represented by a poem, scripture or personal letter; a photo or statue of a loved divinity; anything from the natural world such as a flower or plant, seeds or nuts; crystals; a mandala; a picture representing love…whatever you want to invite into your creation matrix. Together, as one Tribe, with one Voice, we can create a song for the New Earth together, one that will resonate, amplify, and harmonize with the evolutionary Ascension Light Codes beaming from Cosmic

Consciousness emanating from a neuron.
Consciousness emanating from a neuron.

Consciousness during this 04/04/2020 Solar Gateway.
Please join our Ascension Tribe in co-creating this beautiful event with Spirit. And in celebration of our personal visions, I invite you to post a photo of your Altar on this FB page. Together we will build the energetic link-up to empower all of our Dreams!

I will be video recording a meditation & sound bath for this event on Saturday, 4/4/2020, stay tuned to ensure that you receive it.

Further articles will be posted with additional information related to this event over the coming week.

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