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Love In The Time of Pandemic

Looking through a window of my home I notice that there is no activity on my usually busy street. No one walking their dog. No one running or biking. No one stopping to chat with a neighbor. No cars traveling the roadway. Nothing but stillness.  

How to understand the changes that have happened to us so rapidly, without warning really, without explanation. Trying to stay up with the everchanging newsfeed, let alone the everchanging messages from work, childcare and school, cancellations of events, closures of favorite shops and restaurants. My grocery out of staples. What next?

Fear. It grips me sometimes and I can’t shake it. Given the challenges how do we stay out of fear? It’s the one question that I ask myself numerous times everyday now, as each new piece of information regarding this pandemic hits closer and closer to home. And I have the ominous sense that we are here for a good long while.

Love. How do we stay in that field of energy? How do we even access it, given the overwhelming sense of chaos. How to find love when I can’t seem to control my fears? What is the key? How do I stop my mind spinning long enough to bring my life back into some level of balance.   

Breathe. All life begins with the breath. It is the one constant in a sea of uncertainty. If we do not breathe, we will not survive. Breathe. In and out. I begin the practice of focusing on my breath. The yogis call it Mindful Breathing. I am trying to still my mind so that I can experience my inhale and exhale. One minute. Two. I begin to feel the air entering my body, filling my lungs, calming my mind. Exhale, slowly, releasing some of the tension in my body. Releasing some of the anxiety. Releasing some of the fear. I know that I still control my breathing rate as my body fills with life giving oxygen. This virus shuts down the respiratory function, but I am breathing in and out…deeply, slowly.

I realize that, this is Love. I am giving myself what I need right now more than anything else. A sense of connection between my body and mind, within and without, above and below. As my body relaxes, I feel my heart expand. A warm and comforting energy flows through me.

I hear the birds singing outside my window.

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