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Easter / Oestre Blessings

-Ascension Guide Article-

Greetings! The energies have been amazingly high and intense since the 4/4/4 Solar Gateway, and I hope that you have been faring well during these changing Times.

Today brings us to the Christian holy day of Easter, the celebration of the risen Christ. Many cultures and religions speak of a god who died and then rose from the dead after 3 days. It is a metaphor for our own personal journey through the metamorphosis of transforming our earthly body into a Lightbody during this Ascension timeline.

The Christian church took this particular time of the year to celebrate this risen One from the earlier goddess worshipping religions. Oestre, the goddess of Spring, fertility and renewal was honored for her life giving qualities and the hare is her symbol. Hence, we have “Easter”, a form of her name…and the bunny!

For the 4/4/4 Solar Gateway energies, I had suggested that you create an altar representing what you wished to “seed” into our collective New Earth. Many of you shared your creations with me and they are beautiful indeed, reflecting your inner most desires and aspirations. I am sharing my new altar with you. It is simple, for I have few items with me as most are packed away, but it speaks powerfully of my vision and dreams for the future.

Selenite Egg Crystal

A Selenite egg, symbolizing both new Life and the purity of Higher Self. The dodecahedron symbolizing the element of Aether/Spirit. A tarot card, Embrace Enlightenment, that I had chosen during morning meditation. Two malas, one of Angel Aura quartz, and one created for me by 2 holy women as a gift for my new life journey. The circular table has beautiful geometries etched into it. Simple. Powerful.

Oestre Bringing with Her Spring

I wish you all the Blessings of Spring ~ rebirth, renewal, new growth, beauty, fertility, Sun warmth. And for those who are in the Southern Hemisphere, I wish you the Blessings of going deeper into your Autumn/Winter months of inner reflection and earth wisdom. We are One Earth, One Consciousness, One Spirit.

Aloha! Ai’iA

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