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Continuing the Path: 4/4 – 4/13 Solar Gateway Ascension Energies

-Ascension Guide Article-

Your Light Body Activation

Dear All, the global meditations of last weekend April 4/5 have greatly accelerated our Ascension dynamic. We truly are becoming a Unity Consciousness. People are awakening to their Divine nature and sensing their greater place in the co-creation of our New Earth.

For those of you who have been focusing on global harmony and unity, think about how you are experiencing your reality now. Even as we are practice “social distancing” are you feeling intensely “connected” to others?

We are One.

Our Galaxy - Inviting Your Ascension Energy To be Lifted
Our Galaxy – Inviting Your Ascension Energy To be Lifted

Are you feeling that something has “shifted” within you? Are you feeling more calm, more centered, more focused? Are you are letting go of some of the fear that you initially felt? Are you rethinking what is important to you now, as some of the old energies simply fall away?

You are at the Crossroads, which path will you take? The choice is always yours.

When Faced at the Crossroads - Do You Know the Path to Take?
When Faced at the Crossroads – Do You Know the Path to Take?

This is your opportunity to truly explore what your Heart-Song is. What you truly desire to create for yourself within this new energetic. Take the time now to go as deeply as possible into your heart, face any fears that my arise, greet them with tenderness and invite them to be released. Feel the love that rushes in to replace your fears.

All is Well.

Ascension energies may intensify this week. Are you feeling overly tired or restless? Are you photosensitive to light? Are you feeling emotional, tearful, tender of heart? You may be unable to sleep, or sleeping and dreaming deeply. You may be craving certain food, or be unable to eat much due to GI disturbance. Body aches, headaches, allergy…all are part of your nervous system and energy body adjusting to the new Light Codes that were beamed to us during the 4/4/4 Solar Gateway and will continue through 4/13/2020. Hydrate well with the purest water possible. Your cells need this to perform optimally. It is at the cellular (and subcellular) level that the Light Codes anchor into your body.

Cellular Structures Encoding Solar Energies
Cellular Structures Encoding Solar Energies

Whenever possible, be outside (hats and sunglasses if photosensitive) and focus on anchoring these Ascension energies through your body and into Mother Earth. You are assisting the Global Ascension through your intention to do so.

A side note: There is much that is happening behind the scenes of the old earth energies that some of you may know of or be sensing – stay centered in your Diamond Heart of Love and know that all is being guided by Divine Beings of Light & Love.

This too shall pass.

As the energies continue to expand, infusing humanity and Earth with higher dimensional Light through this weekend, continue to honor your feelings and your “sensing” abilities. Go with your flow. There will be a number of meditations throughout the days ahead…a celebration, if you will…of our collective “Resurrection”, transformation and transcendence of the past into our present reality. Sing, dance, pray, play, perform ritual, meditate, dream.

Together We Rise! You are taking on a body of Light! BE BLESSED!

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