Easter / Oestre Blessings

Selenite egg, symbolizing both new Life and the purity of Higher Self

-Ascension Guide Article- Greetings! The energies have been amazingly high and intense since the 4/4/4 Solar Gateway, and I hope that you have been faring well during these changing Times. Today brings us to the Christian holy day of Easter, the celebration of the risen Christ. Many cultures and religions speak of a god who […]

Continuing the Path: 4/4 – 4/13 Solar Gateway Ascension Energies

When Faced at the Crossroads - Do You Know the Path to Take?

-Ascension Guide Article- Your Light Body Activation Dear All, the global meditations of last weekend April 4/5 have greatly accelerated our Ascension dynamic. We truly are becoming a Unity Consciousness. People are awakening to their Divine nature and sensing their greater place in the co-creation of our New Earth. For those of you who have […]

Preparing the Way: 4/4/4 (2020) Solar Gateway Event

Mountain Sunrise

-Ascension Guide Article- An Upcoming Guided Meditation & Sound Healing Change. It is suddenly all around us. It permeates our every waking moment, every aspect of our lives, and it’s impossible to tune out. When I left Charlottesville and my sound healing studio two months ago, I had no idea what my future would look […]

Love In The Time of Pandemic

People, relations and feelings concept - young couple in love hugging in autumn park

Looking through a window of my home I notice that there is no activity on my usually busy street. No one walking their dog. No one running or biking. No one stopping to chat with a neighbor. No cars traveling the roadway. Nothing but stillness.   How to understand the changes that have happened to […]