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A Library entry written by us, about us!? This is one of the most uncomfortable topics for a reporter to report on, but Holly and I will give this our best effort!

In order for others to understand the purpose of this work, and to interact with it as we have intended, it’s important to understand our Mission, and what led us to build this project from the ground up.

Our Mission is to inform, empower, and connect people seeking out information and services related to the Ascension Era, with Healers, Teachers, and Creators. These are individuals who are working to improve our World daily, and we have termed them The Ascension Guides.

As many readers know, I grew up with a wonderful parent who was reborn into Ascension and Enlightenment. I recall their struggle of growing, learning, and developing spiritually at a time when very few knew what was even happening, and still fewer had felt it themselves. This is a journey I’ve watched and experienced with them since childhood. Because our relationship with this content is a personal one, we have decided it is best for us to write and release content under clearly disclosed pennames. In the world of today, it is unfortunate that there are so many who would seek to be unkind or even harmful to those working to give people what they seek, but that is the world we currently live within. Every name associated with this project is a single, dedicated writer and creator, with no accounts being shared or used to post outside content.

From having learned from and met so many, I know that one of the greatest struggles many Healers and Creators in this space encounter, is the limited understanding the rest of the world has to these amazing offerings, concepts, and solutions.

The Ascension Guides will serve as a foundation of information. By creating articles which are professionally researched, approachable, and distributed widely, we will be able to introduce and inform those searching out guidance in this world to these concepts and to those offering services. By creating a library of content, our encyclopedia will let people easily research and understand terms which are otherwise a bit daunting and hinder their greater understanding of the content and knowledge being conveyed.

Most importantly, we are working to invite Healers, Writers, Teachers, and Coaches, all those who are offering services in this space, and seeking to improve the world around them ethically, to be listed with us under the banner of Ascension Guides.

We are building the Bridge, to connect those who are just learning, confused, or lost, with the information that is most important and helpful to their healing and growth.

Thank You for being a part of this world and this work, we look forward to learning how best to aid you on this journey. Don’t hesitate to send us a private message through our contact systems.

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