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Sierra Morningstar Blue

Intuitive Guide, Energy Alchemist, & New Earth Embodiment Mentor

Sierra Blue

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Sierra is an Empathic, Intuitive, and Clairvoyant Energy Guide, As well as an Energetic Alchemist, Gridworker, Gatekeeper, and a Wayshower for the New Paradigm of Light.

She is here to awaken humanity to their full spectrum of LIGHT and live in universal harmony with Gaia Sophia and the cosmos once again

 Sierra was born with fully activated hybrid rainbow DNA, and this gift allows her to assist other lightworkers to open up to their full multidimensional bandwidth of rainbow light. 

In addition to her hybrid DNA, her energy field holds a unique sacred spiral codex that is able to realign and reorganize discordant patterns in others, while re-aligning their chakras and energetic bodies back into the highest formation of light. This is a process she calls “Sacred Spiral Alchemy”.

Sierra’s passion is to guide others to full empowerment of their energy and to help free themselves of the limiting beliefs systems and programs that keep them feeling small, seperate, and in a state of shame, guilt, and trauma. She believes we are in a time where we are on a journey back to being whole, back to a state of ONENESS through the embodiment of unconditional LOVE. 

Sierra’s awakening was quite intense after a near death experience after years of being severely ill. This out-of-body event led to an immediate vibrational upgrade and expansion that resulted in a profound healing, a direct connection to her star lineage, and the re-connection to her crystalline star hybrid rainbow DNA. This experience taught her that the more we expand our frequency and ground it fully into our human experience, the more we align to our divine blue prints, our divine gifts, and remember the truth of who we really are.


  •  Bachelors Degree in Psychology
  • Certification in Holistic Clinical Nutrition
  • Certified Master Reiki Practitioner

Fields of Expertise

  • Clairvoyance or Medium
  • Ascension Information
  • Remote Healing or Clearing

Service Offerings

  • Live Video
  • Remote Remedies
  • Training / Courses
  • Free Energy Updates
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews

Latest Series or Offerings

“Rise of the New Earth Empath” Mentorship Program

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