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Matt Andrews

ManTarA Light Language

Facilitating Empowered Transformation & Freedom

Matt Andrews

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Matt comes from a very intellectual, left-brained, background, having trained as a professional mechanical engineer. However, he now finds himself as a conduit for the powerful transformational energies that flow through from Spirit. Matt works primarily with a collective of angelic light beings known to him as ManTarA, using Light Language to create an energetic space in the quantum that invites clients to expand out of their limitations, release their discordant energies, raise their vibrations into Love and Joy, and to connect with their higher aspects of Self.

ManTarA works through Matt with the intention of facilitating Transformation in an empowered way. We encourage a focus on what you are choosing to align with and become, rather than trying to fix or overcome problems. The process of Transformation starts in the very core of your being and ripples out towards the external world, as you align more and more with your true authentic Divine essence all of the dense, dark, discordant, energies that have been creating limitation and discomfort in your life will naturally clear.

ManTarA works for your Higher Self to create the conducive conditions that best assist your Higher Self in making changes in your energetic field so that your life can improve. With Light Language and powerful Intention, we help you get out of your own way, out of your mental beliefs, so your highest good can be realised.

While Matt’s work with ManTarA is awesomely powerful and very effective at facilitating profound transformation, they manage to keep the process fun but also very practical. ManTarA are beings of Light and Joy, and Matt is a down to earth, well-grounded family man that enjoys a good laugh, and has plenty of life experience that he is not afraid to share, together they maintain an energetic space that is very comfortable and inviting so that everyone can relax into allowing foundational shifts to naturally occur.


  • BEng(Mech)(Hons)
  • Yoga & Meditation teacher (20+ years)
  • Lifetimes of dedicated training as a Light Warrior

Fields of Expertise

  • Light Healing
  • Ascension Information
  • Sound Healing
  • Remote Healing or Clearing
  • Angelic Healing
  • Intuitive Coaching

Service Offerings

  • Audio Recordings
  • Video Recordings
  • Live Video
  • Remote Remedies
  • Telesummit
  • Group Phone Calls
  • Private Phone Calls
  • Training / Courses

Latest Series or Offerings

Empowered You

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