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Dr. Karen Kan

Academy of Light Medicine™

Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower!

Karen Kan

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About 19 years ago… Dr. Karen was burnt out and ended up with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  She was even depressed and suicidal, but believe it or not, she wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. Being sick made her compassionate to the plight of others.  Once she committed to the path of healing, she dove headlong into nutritional, emotional and spiritual healing.  Dr. Karen healed herself in two years and began sharing the wisdom she had learned to help others.  And she discovered many people in similar circumstances were sensitive souls.

About 6 years ago… she wrote a bestselling book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – a Holistic Approach to help others suffering from fibromyalgia and pain disorders.  Dr. Karen was featured on Biography TV and PBS’s Discoveries in Alternate Medicine. In 2016, she launched onto the global telesummit stage as an entity clearing and Light Medicine expert.

Now… Dr. Karen has developed a self-healing program that utilizes the forces of creation described in quantum physics with the ancient traditions of mystery schools.  It’s called the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method.   Working with her is like being tapped into a spiritual supercomputer and she is sort of like Yoda® from Star Wars®, training you to be a Jedi® Master in your own healing!


  • Medical Doctor
  • #1 Best Selling Author
  • TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Founder and Trainer

Fields of Expertise

  • Audio Recordings
  • Video Recordings
  • Live Video
  • Remote Remedies
  • Telesummits
  • Group Phone Calls
  • Private Phone Calls
  • Books & Audiobooks
  • Training / Courses

Service Offerings

  • Light Healing
  • Ascension Information
  • Remote Healing or Clearing
  • TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method

Latest Series or Offerings

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