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Jade Soetaert

Jade's Alchemy Connection

Facilitating Mediumship, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations and Healing

Jade Soetaert

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Jade Soetaert is a facilitator of Clarity and Confidence (Heart Virtue’s), Laughter Yoga, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations, Retreat’s and Mediumship. 

Jade became a Certified Heart Virtue’s Expert, Coach and Trainer in 2007 under the tutelage of Greg Moores and Barb Robisson.  She has since traveled around Canada and the United States facilitating workshops on creating Clarity and Confidence in people’s lives.

Becoming a Laughter Yoga Leader in 2009 was a highlight for Jade, as she learned how to create childlike energy within the body for a lasting experience of joy and happiness, using her Crystal Singing Bowls in a very grounding meditation to anchor those feelings into the body.

Working with former Monk, Bruce Manaka, Jade has learned how to use the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Ancient Vocal Overtones to deepen meditation, expanding the experience for even the most beginner meditators.  Jade created a course “Introduction to Meditation” to teach beginners where to start!

Jade and her husband Greg have offered Meditation and Personal Development Retreats in Canada and the US, offering a wide variety of experiences for participants.

Along her journey, Jade discovered that she could connect to Spirit and was guided to the Calgary First Spiritualist Church in 2012, where she joined a Development Circle to learn more about her gifts.  In February 2018, Jade was honoured to become a full Church Medium.  In 2017, she co-founded the Lethbridge Spiritualist Centre with Rev. William Pelech and Dr. Sharon Pelech, where they offer Development Circles and regular Sunday Services demonstrating mediumship, as well as offering many different courses and workshops throughout the year, from experts around the world.


  • Senior Church Medium at Calgary First Spiritualist Church
  • Founding Member and Medium Lethbridge Spiritualist Centre
  • Laughter Yoga Leader
  • Certified Heart Virtues Coach and Facilitator
  • Regularly attend Arthur Findlay College

Fields of Expertise

  • Clairvoyance or Medium
  • Sound Healing

Service Offerings

  • Audio Recordings
  • Live Video
  • Private Phone Calls
  • Training / Courses

Latest Series or Offerings

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