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This is an excellent question, and one we have spent a lot of time discussing and working on. With so many individuals the world over creating and contributing to this space, we have produced the following criteria. Just like many great undertakings, this will adjust and grow with time, and we are open to input and feedback from You, our readers, and others.

To be included as an Ascension Guide, most of the following principles should be true:

  • They should be committed to helping those around them, work toward a goal of Hope, Happiness, or Health, as it relates to Spiritual Enlightenment and Ascension.
  • They may be a Teacher, a Healer, a Writer, a Coach, or a Counselor. There are many ways to help others, but these are often the categories Guides work within.
  • They should be respected and appreciated within their field, especially as it comes to ethical and kind offerings of services and knowledge.
  • They can engage in open conversation and debate with other Guides, which we strongly encourage, however, claiming that they are right and correct without listening to and respecting others is against the principles we believe in.
  • They will offer services, information, inspiration, or other types of work to all those in need, without judgement or prejudice. We take this very, very seriously, and will not include those who choose to undertake such actions.
  • They most likely offer works to those outside of their immediate area. Either through written or recorded content, remote healing, telephone, video, or other mediums. Guides possess a voice and skill which travels beyond an immediate area, and can reach across the world, as easily as it can reach across a town.

We are very interested in learning more from our readers and others as your own journey unfolds. If you know or have worked with someone who embodies these principles, you are welcome to submit their information through our Library contact form, and we will reach out to them for possible inclusion.

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