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Daerick Lanakila

Energy Healing with Daerick Lanakila

It is rare that a healer is confident enough in their work to offer a money back guarantee. Daerick is one of those rare healers who can do this.

Daerick Lanakila

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Daerick has been a healer by profession for 25+ years. He lives on the Big Island of Hawaii on 12 acres in the rainforest. His connection to the elements, nature and the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands has guided his healing and continues to do so. It is here on this island that he witnesses the manifestation of his co-creation with the elements and nature most profoundly.

Daerick’s professional training as a healer began in a remote community up in the mountains called Idyllwild. He was blessed to be taught for 5 years in a full immersion training: averaging 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. After the first 6 months of just working on myself, the rest of his training was done while he worked with clients, with his teacher closely monitoring his work. It was as rewarding as it was challenging.

He believes we all have several gifts we came into this life with. But just like the person who has a gift to be a great musician, without training and practice they will never manifest that gift to its full potential. One of the gifts he came in with is the gift to heal, but this latent talent did not begin to be clearly evident until he committed to the disciplined and comprehensive training and practice that he was extremely fortunate to receive.

Because of his remoteness geographically, a significant part of my training was in how to do this work from a distance. In other words, he can facilitate your healing while he is in Hawaii and you are at home (wherever that is in the world). Daerick believes that we are all connected and have the potential to connect consciously to others on an energetic level. But this takes training. His training involved how to “see” someone from a distance, and how to communicate to their body in such a way that it begins to heal itself.

He has worked with and helped Shamans, Kahunas and various amazing healers who have spent their lives on spiritual journeys, as well as those that are just discovering there is more to this life. He has a personal understanding of what it takes to heal the physical limitations of being a highly sensitive person and uses this gift in profound ways.

He is also a highly sensitive person. As a child, he didn’t know what to do with it. He learned to be in fear. He lived most of my life in fear of what others thought of him. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of being rejected. Fear of not being loved.


  • Healer by profession for 25+ years, taught by Nedrra Lanakila, who is recognized by internationally renowned medical medium Anthony William, psychic surgeon and healer extraordinaire Phillip Malicdan, and Kachi Golden (spiritual leader of the Acjachemen Nation) as a ‘true healer.’

Fields of Expertise

  • Remote Healing or Clearing
  • Energy Healing

Service Offerings

  • Remote Remedies

Latest Series or Offerings

Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation

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