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A Sanskrit Indian word describing a concept of energy centers within the human body. The word actually means “wheel” or vortex as that is how they are perceived by clairvoyant vision. The chakra system is a complex energy system of meridians and channels connecting these energy centers. Each of the 7 main chakras is associated with a major organ or organs and their associated endocrine glands and is vital for the health and maintenance of the human body.

The seven main chakras, their location and Sanskrit name are:

  • Root/Muladhara: Perineal area, kidneys, bladder, colon
  • Sacral/Svadhisthana: Sexual organs, ovaries, testes
  • Solar PlexusManipura: Spleen, liver, pancreas, stomach, intestine
  • Heart/Anahata: Heart, pericardium, breast, thymus gland
  • Throat/Vishudda: Thyroid, parathyroid, vocal cords
  • Brow/Ajna: Sinuses, pituitary glandCrown/Sahaswara: Pineal gland
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